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Our keynote and breakout presenters will be brief, yet deep and paradigm smashing. They’ll act as your Sherpa guides on the road to seeing things differently. When they’re done, they’ll take your questions and stick around to talk to you. Their wisdom, plus your God given talent and implementation, will equal company change, community change and life change. You’ll begin to see things differently through God’s eyes, not just your eyes, as we lean into learning.



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All events will be held at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California.

690 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660



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Shaunti graduated from Harvard, met her husband Jeff and started working on Wall Street as an analyst. Today she uses her analytical skills to drive social research that helps you thrive relationally. She’s the best-selling author of more than a dozen research-based books for improving your work and workplace, your marriage, your parenting and even people who drive you nuts! Shaunti delights in blowing up conventional wisdom, and providing those “Aha moments” that leave her audiences saying, “Gee, I guess I have some work to do.” Her books have sold over 2 million copies in 24 languages. She’s making a difference in corporations and individual lives around the world. She is a wife, mother, author, and speaker. We’re thrilled to have her join the Summit!

His guitar skills were honed in a medium-security penitentiary where his Dad, the prison Chaplain, brought him along. Today he’s a Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Teacher, Writer, Troubadour for our time. All these are the iconic Steve Bell. Over a 25-year solo career, he’s purveyor of truth and beauty and a champion of kindness, on a focused mission to “encourage Christian faith and thoughtful living through artful word and song.” His eloquent songs are sung in a charming vocal style, accompanied by rootsy guitar riffs and storytelling prowess that are uniquely his own. Steve has put out 20 albums selling over 300,000 copies. He performs with symphony orchestras to capacity crowds. Bell spreads hope through music to communities in India, Thailand, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Palestine, Kenya and Guatemala. We welcome Steve Bell back to the Leadership Summit stage!

He’s performed at the Famous Grand Ole Opry. He’s been seen by over 40 million people around the world through live concerts, TV and radio broadcasts. He’s appeared on Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, CBS, and TBN. He’s toured with the Righteous Brothers, The Temptations and worked with B.B. King and Tim Conway. The New York Times raves about his performance! Still, Nazareth insists his biggest credit is that he’s a husband and a father. Now, Comedian Nazareth returns to the Leadership Summit stage. Hooray! Nazareth loves encouraging people through the art of comedy. His loves to see his audience forget their stresses and fears as he performs.

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Dr. Scott Rae loves to connect the Sunday stuff to the Monday stuff. He’s an expert in business ethics, and will help you think about the application of Christian ethics to the marketplace world you live in. He’s the Professor of Christian Ethics at Biola University. He has authored numerous books including Business for the Common GoodBeyond Integrity: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business EthicsScott is an ethics consultant for four Southern California hospitals, Dean of the Faculty at Talbot Seminary, and a contributor to the Theology of Work project.

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We all want to see. See the truth, see reality, see people, see the future, see our family more, and see our faith lived out Monday to Friday not just on Sunday. Would you join us in Newport Beach as we engage in cutting edge conversations that will help you see culture, business, faith, family and God in a fresh new relevant way?

Real learning happens over time, in community. Our team has worked, and will keep working, up to the day this learning collaboration event happens to bring you global experts who have thought deeply about the things most of us as leaders don’t make time to ponder. You’ll get to be with them and interact with them deeply. Their talks will be brief, but paradigm smashing, and then they’ll take your questions. Their wisdom + your implementation = company change, community change, and life change.

Join us and bring your spouse, bring your team or bring a friend who cares about living out their faith, Monday to Friday at work. We’ll do life together in community, ponder a talk, collaborate over a meal, think together, and hopefully even hear from God as we lean into learning at Leadership Summit 2018 in Newport Beach.


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Dr. Larry Crabb

Psychologist, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur.  All of these roles describe Dr. Larry Crabb. He's written over 25 books! He loves helping people see themselves, see each other and see God. He founded New Way Ministries birthed out of a passionate connection that there's a new way to live. New Way helps leaders think about spiritual formation and authentic community to help ignite a revolution in how you live, think and relate

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